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The Bando Story

Today, Blake Woodward proudly shows off his photos and newspaper clippings from his days in the Thomasville High School Marching Band. They are posted on a cork-board above his desk at Bando Shoes in Thomasville GA. He’s a self proclaimed “band-geek” and proud of it. 

He’s also the inspiration behind the business. 

In 2006, Blake, a 16-year-old student at Thomasville High School at the time, and a proud drummer in the THS Marching Band, suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of car accident during the summer before his junior year. He was left in a coma, his left orbital bones completely destroyed; two broken bones in his left leg and a broken scapula, jaw, and nose. Months passed by as he struggled to relearn how to move, talk, walk and feed himself.

Jimmy, Blake’s father, and the current owner of Bando Shoes, decided to retire from his job as the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Flower’s Foods to spend more time with his family, as they were all finding a new normal for their lives.

In order to attain continuous improvement for Blake, it was important that he regain a maximum level of independence. Many of Jimmy’s dreams and aspirations for his son were transformed after the accident, but one part remained the same; the desire for his son to be happy and find his place in the world.

Bando Shoes has provided Blake with purpose, confidence, and a level of independence that some never thought he’d reach.

Blake is as proud to outfit marching bands with quality accessories as he once was to march in the band himself; as Jimmy and Blake both believe, there is no greater feeling than the ability to make others feel confident and proud.

Bando Shoes proudly offers the largest inventory of band shoes and accessories in the Southeast, including an extensive range of paraphernalia from several other established retailers.

They’re committed to providing fast and quality service for all of your marching band, color guard, and concert needs.






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