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DSI Renegade
DSI Renegade
DSI Renegade
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DSI Renegade

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Modern marching performance requires a modern look and modern functionality. For competitive ensembles and guards seeking support for technically difficult choreography and increased athletic demand, the DSI Renegade performance shoe has the stability they need.

For game day guards under Friday Night Lights and winter percussion ensembles rocking the arena, this shoe brags an athletic design that is both comfortable and sporty. With the DSI Renegade, performers get the durability and style of an athletic shoe and the in-the-right-places support of a traditional marching and performance shoe. It’s the perfect shoe for any performance venue, field to floor.

  • Low profile athletic shoe perfect for marching, percussion, and color guard
  • Unmatched breathability
  • Available in black, white, and tan
  • Men’s medium sizes: 2.5 – 11 (whole and half sizes) plus 12, 13
  • Men’s wide sizes: 8 – 16 (whole sizes only)
  • Women’s medium sizes: 4.5 – 13 (whole and half sizes) plus 14, 15
  • Women’s wide sizes: 10 – 18 (whole sizes only)